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Just call me a Turnip.

November 15th, 2006

02:39 pm - The hell?

Article HERE

Um, why the hell would he do this? This is like a "Ha-Ha" I did it! WTF. Stupid Double Jeopardy. *is baffled*

07:02 pm - My brother has lost his mind...

So, the playstation 3 comes out TOMORROW at midnight, not tonight at midnight, and he is already in line to buy one. This means that the kid is sitting in line for 30+ hours. Nuts.

11:04 pm - Yikes

So, I have REALLY wanted a Nano... but I have avoided getting one for a while. Well, when they came out with the PROJECT (RED) Nanos, I figured I could get one AND give money to a good cause. I love justifying my purchases. Heh. Anyways, so I ordered it last night, and also ordered a case that I got to "put together" the colors. I know that the iPod shipped today, so hopefully I will get the case before Turkey Day too.
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