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Just call me a Turnip.

November 18th, 2006

03:18 am - Wow.

So, I mentioned the person who got shot over the PS3... I was reading the news online and people were robbed at gunpoint and beaten. What the hell? My brother and his two roommates waited with 5 other people for 38 hours. Dude. The only thing he dealt with was two people who tried to say they had been waiting in line. The security guard was like, these people have been waiting for almost 40 hours, and I have met all of them. You can leave, or I will call the cops. Heh. They got lucky I guess...

Oh, and there is a store in town that PRE-SOLD 15 systems. Like they took their money and everything. Today, when they opened, they had NONE. Talk about PISSED people. Plus, some people were "guaranteed" because of the pre-sale, so they pre-sold theirs on eBay. Now they have nothing to fulfill their order. What crap.

My brother listed one, but AFTER it was purchased. Now they are hidden at somebody's house until they are mailed. Heh.

09:48 pm - Sleeping

Have you ever been so tired you just couldn't get up? I mean ALL DAY LONG... every time I would wake up, I would go to do something (i.e. get on the computer, read, etc.) and I would literally fall asleep doing it. Like, even when I was sitting up at the computer, I would wake up when my head bobbed. What the hell? I have never had it be that bad... or last ALL DAY.

On another note, I watched "Accepted" and "John Tucker Must Die" yesterday/last night... they were both pretty cute.
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