November 28th, 2006

Cat - What???

I have no idea what just happened...

I watch the Montel Williams show, and saw a "Have you had surgery overseas?" ad on it. I wrote in and said that I had booked a surgery, but that was it. I got a call from the show last night, and called them back this morning to tell them about the surgery, etc. The guy pitched the show to his producers and they said okay. They are flying me to New York on THURSDAY. Like, this Thursday. The hell? I am staying overnight, taping the show on Friday, and then coming back.

This has been a very weird few hours...

Circe, I dunno if you will see this, but if you wanna come wherever the hell I will be on Thursday, or I can come wherever, I apparently will be there with nothing planned.

I'll let you guys know the air date if you are interested... They do hair and make-up, and I have to bring clothes. Damn. I want them to provide those. : /