December 12th, 2006

SPN - Winchesters.

It amuses me...

Sometimes I have nothing at all to read, right now I am overwhelmed. I have 4-5 books that are sitting here begging to be read (damn Wii). I am trying to FLY through Merry 3 & 4 since Mistral's Kiss came out today. I pre-ordered it from Amazon, and it isn't here yet, so I am trying to get through the last 2 Merry novels to catch up (since after re-reading the first & second books I was like... who's Mistral again??). Of course, now I remember, and I am almost done with book 3.

Right now I am working on work emails. I logged in tonight and there were over 80 for me to answer. I wasn't sure if I wanted to cheer because of $$ or cry... heh.

Off to listen to music on shuffle and answer messages.

Fun fun.
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