December 23rd, 2006

SPN - Winchesters.

Los Angeles

So, to clarify, I am in LA. No snow storm for me... no sleeping in airports. Kelly, thanks for calling. Trust me, had I been stranded I would have left 90390293 voice posts. ;) Although being on CNN sounds cool.

I go home today. My friend was supposed to go home, but she decided to stay an extra WEEK to work. I could have stayed too, since the airline is letting people change flights for free, but I'm ready to be with my kitties. *shrug* Plus, you can only do so much here... especially since if I stay, I will spend more money I do not have.

Thank goodness for my computer and the internet here. It was nice to still be able to work, and you know... pay bills while I was randomly here. I should be interesting, the snow and all. I get to wear my BRAND NEW bright RED Chucks from the (RED) Aids campaign. SWEET. My brother bought (well, I bought and he is paying me right back) the (RED) Motorcycle jacket they are selling. This is the first place I have seen them. $350... good thing some of the money goes to charity or I would have smacked him.

Sorry I have not sent any gifts out. Things have been way hectic. I don't know what the hell to send, so I just don't know. *sigh* I suck. I know.

Anyhow, I promised to update, and assure Kelly that I am not living in the airport or anything. ;) The 'rents said that they got over 30" of snow at the house. Damn.