February 6th, 2007

Disney - Pooh


My mom called Ohio to see how her dad is doing, and the lady that takes care of him told her that they closed all the schools from Dayton to Cincinnati because it was going to be -22 to -25. Um... brrr. No shit they had better close the schools. At least they got to stay inside and stay warm.

I have to get up in 4 hours. Boo. Some guy is coming to change our Sump Pump (or whatever) so that when the snow melts, the pump will be able to keep up and not let the water in the house. Well, it is in my room. There is a nifty shelf thing that I have 2000 stuffed animals on that has it under there. So, I have to get up, eat breakfast, clear off all the stuffed animals, move all the shit away from there, and then get the cats and go hide somewhere in the house. I haven't decided where yet.

The bird flu needs to not hit London... or anywhere else.

Wow. Boring.
SPN - Winchesters.

Oh yeah!

In other news, I decided to get a nose stud. I am tired of the screw. It moves too much.

It the stud (bone) hard to put in? Does it stay like a good puppy? *pokes wifey*