March 6th, 2007

SPN - Winchesters.


Hi! I'm here. I think. Its all Tiffany's fault for getting me hooked on World of Warcraft. *wink*

Jamie, your gift should get there tomorrow. I am sure you know that because you have the tracking number, but until then, I am impatient. ;)

I was supposed to have an interview to work very part time at an Apple store, but they canceled it for the dumbest reason. Well, if they want to assume things, they can be the asses. I've never had a problem at any job ever, so they can take the job, and shove it. The only reason I wanted to do it was because of the discount. My brother is interviewing Thursday. I'll just mooch off him. The thing that pisses me off? The recruiter bitch wouldn't have even told me it was canceled without me asking. I got an "Uh, oh yeah, it was canceled." Really professional to make someone go in just to be told that there was no interview. I would have been LIVID.

Been figuring out where to stay in Paris, how to get there and back, etc. Fun fun. I found a RT flight from London to Charles de Galle airport for $86. Probably can't beat that.

Tiffany... there is a new patch that was released today and I am on a new realm (I'll explain when you get back).

*shrug* Just finished my work for the evening. A gaming I will go...