June 17th, 2007

SPN - Winchesters.


So, here in Cape Town. In pain, but thats to be expected. I play what drug do I feel like taking now. Its a fun game. Everyone should try it.

At least we have internet here. You have to pay by 24 hours blocks (usage, not time which is nice). Brought my little 3 lb Compaq tablet. Would have killed something by lugging around the MacBook Pro.

Still bizarre being this far ahead of everyone time wise. Everytime I want to call my parents its like 3 AM there and I dont think they will appreciate it. Hee.

Little bro is taking pics while I heal, so I will have to post some. We are going to go down to the cape one day so that I can see it, but I am limited in time that I can sit up.

I want the iPhone! Ahem. Thats all about that really.

Decided that when Harry Potter comes out I am locking myself in a room and not coming out until it is complete. There are going to be idiots spoiling everywhere.

Heh. Apparently I have been sitting up too long because the world is getting fuzzy. I'm assuming its not Cape Town getting fuzzy.

Anyhoo, off to lay my head down until the world de-fuzzies (yes, I make up words). :P
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