August 13th, 2007

Calvin & Hobbes - Reality

I suck.

So yeah, for some reason I just suck at keeping up on life. Maybe cause its the bday, I'm trying to figure out why so that I can change things. I miss you guys. I am in Virginia for the week to visit family. Um, fun. Whatever, I have a tiny poodle that likes sleeping in my bed so whatever :oP I got here Saturday. Woke up Sat morning with a migraine. Flew to D.C. and then my father drove us to Richmond. Still had a migraine. Woke up Sunday... with a migraine. Took a ridiculous amount of ibuprofen and slept. Finally feel better. Will update with life when I get home I hope. The next few weeks promise to be strange and busy. There's a boy. I'll give you all the dirt soon. Hope everyone forgives my absence. I swear I am going to go back to Feb or something and make sure I have read ALL your posts!!! Although, first thing I do when I get home is read the end of Harry Potter. I have only a handful of chapters left, but of course that is where everything happens! *pout* Just couldnt finish before leaving Sat. Hope I havent missed anything terribly important. If I have, I'm so sorry. I sort of skim when I can but I feel like the worst friend ever. Also, I will post pics of the trip for you all to see. Jamie, I stayed in Canterbury one night on my trip. I was like, OMG, my wifey's sister lives here!

Enough with the ramble. Just wanted to say that I love, and miss, you all. Now, I get to go out to lunch with a friend of my father's from grade school. Definitely one of the top things on my "to do on my bday" list. : /

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