January 8th, 2008

SPN - This Is Crap

Hello to all...

Yet another periodic update of my life. I understand if you dont want to read or respond, I've been a shitty friend.

Let's see... I last talked to Dan in November when he had to get away to deal with the death of his father. Havent heard from him since. He never read any of my messages and then two days ago he deleted his MySpace (our primary way to contact each other). Guess thats a hint. I honestly dont know what happened. I dont know how you can go from talking about marriage and children, to 2 months later not speaking at all. Needless t say, my heart is broken. I'm in that stage of crying at the drop of a hat and just wanting to hide away from reality. I really loved him... like the love that you hear people talk about and envy... it hurts even more then. I'm lost because every plan and dream that I have had has included him... and now this. I'm tired of being hurt. I dont want to end up alone... but I would rather be alone than deal with my heart feeling like it does.

Anyways work is okay... busy time of year. Nothing else going on. I miss him so much... the only thing I want to know, is Why....
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