Jean-Claude's White Rose (firefly319) wrote,
Jean-Claude's White Rose

Hmmm... so I looked at my official start date for my LJ, and it is: 2002-07-14 22:19:18. Dang. That is a while ago!!!

Ok, so my back is in SOOOOO much pain. I honestly dont know what the hell I did to it, but it is pissed. Nice to distribute the pain once in a while, no?

Today was fun... Chris and I went down to the outlet mall near here because I wanted to get this gift for one of the ladies at the dr. office, and I wanted to look at shoes. Bad idea. I did, however, get two pairs for $30, and Chris got one pair for $60. I need to stop spending money, I dont have enough to do that. Chris and I decided that we were going to be better at eating at either his or my house, instead of going out, and only go out once a week, if that. We did goto a bar to watch the football game though... it was fun, and the appetizer thing was yummy.

Tomorrow starts the process of trying to get my medical records. That wont be fun at all... gotta do it though, so wish me luck on getting enough info to sue the bastard. :)

Food Network is on in the background... I so love this channel.

Thanks to Lauren for the recommendations on CDs. I have the list in my PDA for whenever the hell I have money, and then I am going to go get them! :)

I was so sad today... the CUTEST cat (other than mine of course) was at the Dumb Friends League (the animal shelter here). Chris and I went there b/c it was close to where we ate, and I wanted to. BAD idea. He was a black and white cat... such different markings than Chester too... he was so cute, everytime I put my finger to the glass, he would rub up against it (the glass, of course). I can not WAIT to have my house. I am getting at least one more cat, and hopefully two dogs... I am gonna be the pet lady. :)



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