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I wish I could have slept in this morning, but at least I did not have to be at work at 6:30 like Chris. :) This weekend was sorta busy, and all I wanted was sleep. Saturday I slept a lot of the day, and then we went to the Comedy club here and saw the WORST "comic" ever. I dont think he told one joke. Hoe he headlined, I'll never know. We went to dinner after that, and then went to Chris's so I could see his sister and nephews before they go back to Switzerland. Lucky them. Sunday I slept in, and then got dragged to a house warming party for ppl I sorta know. Sorry I missed your call Bunny :( I either didn't have service, or didn't hear it ring thanks to Chris listening to the game so loud. Stupid Broncos. Ahem. I swear, I'm not bitter. ;) I'm sorry I missed your call though... I've really sucked at answering any calls lately... sleep has won. I haven't really even been on here all that much... Anyhoo.. Hiya, I have missed you all :) I am at work right now, desperately wishing for the nest 6 hrs to FLY by.
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