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Okie then...

Thursday was actually fun. Went and watched Chris bowl, then went to our friend house and drank at their new bar. Yay! Had a good time. Couldn't sleep for shit when I got home, which sucked, but whatever.

Yesterday I had therapy and then attempted to catch upon lost sleep...

So now for shows that own me, if you haven't watched them or whatever, I'll cut Desperates Housewives ~ Soooooo pissed at Paul for putting Mrs. Huber's stuff in hot Mike's garage, I yelled at the television.... a lot.

The Amazing Race ~ Yay! They are gone!!!!! I did a happy dance! I saw they only had one donkey too, dumbasses.

Lost ~ Hee! I sooooo thought that Walt could manifest things after the first polar bear! I am just glad I am not losing it. :)

American Idol ~ Dude. Where do some of these ppl crawl out of? Like the chick who hears voices? Scary Mary... uh... Normal. Eek. She kinda makes me never wanna go back to D.C.

The O.C. ~ Oh Marissa... really? Just gonna totally give up on guys and make Julie's head explode? Mmmk.

On an icky note, there is a snake that fell down my window well... I hate snakes. I am making my father get it the hell outta there. But, until then... his name is Bob. I feel like I am at the zoo.

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