Jean-Claude's White Rose (firefly319) wrote,
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Went to the dr today...

for the appt for the court date on Thurs for the SSA decision.

Although, he thinks they can't get his notes by then. Nice. *sigh*

Cats goto the vet today for their yearly... well, Chester does, but Cleo goes along for moral support, and for nail clipping by them instead of me for once. They have no idea, right now they are just blissfully staring at me. Idiots. ;)

Chris returns today. In a few hours in fact. Woo! No more random 3AM phone calls. Not that I was sleeping. *Mumbles about insomnia*

I worked out riding my recumbant bike for the first time in... uh, forever... last night. Kinda felt good. I hate that.
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