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Today's appt was interesting... I have homework!

I have to set three goals for the next day that I will accomplish.

I have to get up at the same time each morning, no matter what, get dressed, and then work on the above goals.

I have some before sleep stuff that I am supposed to do.

Then, the hardest part... I have to come up with negatives about my injury, and then figure out positives (i.e. I can no longer use my hand/I'm bright and can learn to do a job and have a good life... her example, that I still dont really agree with... but whatever). I know I need to change my ways of thinking, but that is so hard. To look at something that is making my life MISERABLE and finding the good in it? I don't know if I can do it.

I am supposed to read "Feeling Good" by David Burns. I wonder if it is good.

Thursday I am going to ask about: new meds, when the hell I can drive, and when/if I can figure out which meds I am on are working, and which ones aren't so I can stop taking unneccessary medications.

So anyways, I so don't know about those questions... I just dont know if I can do that... my mind just isn't "there" yet. She wants all that by next week! Yikes... well, not the book, but whatever. I really hope I can drive, even one handed, soon. I am not ready to go back to work yet, these meds make me SO tired & spacey, that I would be useless.

Did I mention that I am done with the travel stuff & got my diploma and transcript (98 average ending). Yay!

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