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So, I'm not done hacking Spencer... but this is what I have managed so far...

-Instead of saying "iPod" at the top of the Main Menu, it says Spencer.
-Instead of boring text, it is written the "The Simpsons" text.
-Most of the pictures are changed, including things like... instead of the "Do Not Disconnect" It is now a picture of Eeyore with "It's A Gloomy Day" under him.
-The battery is now a draining set of honey pots.
-The lock is now pooh's head. The stars for rating a song is now replaced by tigger's head.
-I have changed the text so far on the main menu only. I have to figure out what text goes where, and then decide what I want each menu to say. I am not that creative, so it takes time. My music is currently called "Da Tunes!" though, so... hey, why not?
-There is more...

I am enjoying this. Now, if I could just figure out how the hell to get a picture in the background all the time, I would be happy. All this CAN be done on all iPods by the way... it is relatively easy too... so if you want to do it, let me know, and I can you get the tutorial.

So, I called the doctor this morning, miserable, because coughing like a maniac for four months blows... hard. I was guarenteed that I would get call back by tonight. When I hadn't heard back by this afternoon, I called again, and was told that the dr hadn't had a change to look at the file, but I would get a call back. Did I get a call back? No. Bitch. I am chewing out someone's ass on Monday. That is WRONG to let someone sit ALL FUCKING WEEKEND, MISERABLE, when you could have done someting on Friday. I called at 11 AM too, not 5:55 before they closed. This sucks. I'm bitter. Hold me. At least Spencer is keeping me far too occupied. I came home from seeing my friend Danielle, and going out for sushi this afternoon, and took a 4 hour nap. Lovely.

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