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So, we took the red-eye out on Monday night/Tuesday morning. I should start out by proclaiming my love for Jet Blue. Free DirectTv? Love. We did have an hour hold up, which blew, but I got to watch tv, so it didn't totally suck. We ended up getting to NY at 7:30... we finally got out of the terminal and asked someone where to go around 8. Unfortunately, no one told us the EASY way to get there, so we ended up waiting for the bus. We waited, and waited, and finally got to the damn hotel around 10. It so isn't that far. Oh well, we checked our luggage with the front desk, ate at Dunkin Donuts, and then took the NJ transit over to Newark. We walked around, got a little lost, and finally ended up at the tattoo place about 10 minutes before it opened. We went in, and met up with the tattoo guys. It was cool, the guy I talked to on the phone did my brother's, and this other guy, who rocked, did mine. I will post a pic after it heals, I <3 it!!!!! So we ended up doing that, I got it on my ankle, it hurt, there was bone involved or something *wink* and then we went back to Manhattan. It was time for us to be able to check in to the hotel, so we did, then went to take a nap. After the nap, we went, found food, came back to the room, and relaxed for the rest of the night. We were soooooo tired.


We got up, went to NYU so that my brother could check out the school. It is soooo badass. It isn't really a campus, it just blends in with lower Manhattan. I wish I could have gone there. So pretty. Anyways, so we pretty much walked all over the entire campus, he loved it. It was lovely. Washington Park was great too. There was a class out there having their lecture because it was such a nice day. I went to FCUK and got the bestest shirt! It says "I'd FCUK me." Hee. After that, we went and took the Staton Island Ferry over to the island. We saw the Statue of Liberty, and Ellis Island on the way. We didn't stay on the island, we just turned around and took the next ferry home. We walked from there, to the financial district, got to see the NYSE, and the Federal Reserve (which was heavily guarded). We walked up Wall Street too. Then, we got the bright idea to go eat in Chinatown. So not close. So after about 40 blocks, my legs/feet/ankles were killing me, but we made it! We ate at this nice little place, and my wonton noodle bowl was $3.00... hee. From there, we took the subway back to the hotel, I laid down, iced my ankle, and that was it for me for the night. Eric went out for a little bit more, but not too much. that much walking, and we were both pooped. We did get to eat at Gray's Papaya. It is a hot dog place. Eat there if you go to NY. $1.50 for 2 hot dogs and a specialty drink... mmmmm. We also went to Ground Zero... so sad.


Today was Times Square. We walked the 10 blocks or whatever it was there, and wandered around. I loved it. So pretty. The movies dont do it justice. I thought it was freaking cool. All the theaters up Broadway, all the screens, all the vendors on the street. It was sweet. So, we walked around Times Square for a while, then we walked up past where Jon Stewart tapes... which is like 30 - 40 blocks away. After that walk, we decided there was no way we were walking back, so we decided to hail a cab. Riding in a cab in NY is one hell of an experience. Fun, and life threatening, all at the same time. ;) So we took the cab to the New York Library, then we walked back to the hotel to get ready for the evening. We took the subway up took Tavern on the Green, and it was wonderful. I had Lobster Bisque, Salmon, and Creme Brulee. My brother had a Shrimp Cocktail, Pork Rib (or something), and Creme Brulee. So yummy. After dinner we had time to kill so we took a horse carriage ride through Central Park. We got to see where John Lennon was killed, where Paul Simon lives, and the building that all the ghosts came out of in Ghostbusters. It was cool. Then, off to Rent! We took the Subway back to Times Square, and got to the theater. The cast was awesome!!! Frenchie Davis (from American Idol last year, who got booted for "adult something or another") was in it, and the guy playing Roger...SOOOOOOOO hot!!!! I loved it more this time than the first. After the show, if you donated $20, you couold get a pic taken with Mark and Roger... duh. So, Mark is just standing there with his arm around me, and Roger has his arm around me, and his head against mine. So hot. I wanted to bring him home with me. Anyways, my brother said it was a great bday present to him, so happy 18th to him. :)


We got up late, cheecked out by noon, locked our stuff up again, and then went up to the square. Walked around for a few hours, but there really wasn't much else we wanted to do. So we came back to the hotel, I fell asleep in a chair, then we went to the subway and went to the airport WAY early. Finally after a 4 hour plane ride home, we were here!!! I swear, I am still tired from then!

So there ya go, the update. :) Miss me? ;) 3.5 days, and I am outta here for 20... yipes.

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