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It is sooooooo gloomy here today. The kind of day where you want to refuse to get out of bed? Yep. That is the kind of day I am having. Except I am at work. And it is soooooooooo slow. Majorly slow. Snoreeeeeeee slow. Heh. My boss just called and told me that she will be out of town the week before the nerd trip. Whew. Meep even. Well, guess she will be in town the week that I will be gone then. Ahem.

This still isnt the post where I babble endlessly about Europe and almost no one reads it... but I dont have everything that I want to look at to use as reminders. And you guys are nice and read my crap... right? :)

My boss is so jealous of my cruise over there... she is thinking about letting me go on the 21 day one next year! And if we can get enough people, I maybe can go for free. Sweet. Then I have to see if I can drop the people I am leading around the cruise in Venice so I can party in Italy before coming home. Or they can party with me if they are cool. Whatever. ;)

I am cold. Seriously. It is so shitty here. You can not tell it is May at all. I am moving away.

Enough bitching. I missed everyone here. It was weird not having my online world to come to daily.

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