Jean-Claude's White Rose (firefly319) wrote,
Jean-Claude's White Rose

Today I am going to go to WalMart with my mother to get some material for my closet. Then we are going to (hopefully) go to this place called "The Snob Shop." Funny name no? Anyways, it is a place that is basically a consignment shop for high label clothing (i.e. Prada, Gucci, etc.) I think it would be fun to check out at least!!

Man, I came here all kinds of ready to bitch about Chris not calling me on his break, I even wrote that he didn't... then he called. Hmph. Pain. ;)

I have to decide whether I want to buy an iPOD from this guy on the internet. He says that he has some, and just to call... they are $250 less than in stores, and he says they are factory sealed with warranty. Hmmm... gotta ponder (and hope this check for mileage reimbursement comes in... that will totally pay for it).
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