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So today was ok... Chris had today off so we went to lunch and then to this nice little contemporary shop. The furniture was awesome, and I want to put loads of it in my imaginary house.

I also had my psychologist appt today. I had to do this 567 question thing about when I am happy/sad and she will tell me the "results" next week. Don't ask how many versions of "I hear voices" I had to say false to... very interesting.

And it also snowed. It started this morning, and went on for most of the day. I drove, but only on a test run to the bank. I didn't drive to the appt, because it is downtown and the weather was so crappy. On the way home there were all kinds of ice patches and accidents... I was extremely happy to get home and be back on solid ground. Hopefully everything will be better by tomorrow because I am going to go pick up my meds.
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