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So very excited about Friday night at midnight. Yay! I am going to King Soopers to buy my copy of HP (Liz, dont forget to get me a Canadian one when you can :) ).

I just got my pics printed for my scrapbook/pic book. ALL the pics that I liked from ALL the trips I have done. Ended up with 601. Hee. That is a LOT. Time to go scrapbook shopping!

Went to the doc today. So, this is the plan. I have 2 videos to watch about stimulators (Or, as my doctor put it.... "You'll learn everything your mom never told you about stimulation). I laughed. I think he's gay... Anyways... Next Thursday I meet with this guy in his office who answers questions about the stimulator. Then, I set an appt for the stimulator to be placed as a trial. No surgery... YET. After the stimulator appt, I will test it (it will look like I have a freaking walkie talkie on my hip, and then wires to my back. Odd. I then have to go see my doctor who did the initial ankle surgery so that I can get an unbiased opinion about whether it is working. (I really want this to work, so does my doctor, so I have to go talk to someone who isnt involved to see what he thinks). IF it works, I will then set an appt to get the actual surgery (where I have to stay overnight) and then I will have a permanent stimulator, completely hidden under my skin, in my back... I'm a mess. I had better get a fucking good settlement for all the pain and bullshit I have been going through...

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