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SO tired...

Stayed up to read a bit... got through about 200 pages yesterday. People kept making me go do things! Dont they know that Harry comes first? Well, my mom bought me something, so that helps. Anyways, only about 250 left. Meep.

Got my concert tonight. Oh Howie and Gavin.... <3

I start housesitting tonight. For 2 weeks!!! I will come home during the day and stuff, but DAMN, they are gone for a long time! It'll be weird without Kerri... (the dog they had, which I loved, who had to be put to sleep :( ) The other dogs apparently look for her all the time. *sigh* I am gonna cry when I get there tonight after the concert. Anyhoo... off to pack my stuff for their house. And nap before the concert. :D

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