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The saga...

So, yesterday I came home, and immediately had a MASSIVE headache. I have had bad headaches in my time, but this, this was a doozy. I couldnt it up AT ALL. All I could do was lie there, miserable. I called the on call doctor last night to see what I should do, and I was told take whatever I could find to help with the pain. NOTHING worked. At 4 AM I called and left a message. At 7, they called me back, and told me I was scheduled at the surgical center (again!), this time because my spinal cord was leaking fluid and causing a headache. OF course this would happen to me. So, I went it tonight, and got it patched, now I have to be VERY careful, because it could still pop in the next few days until it is healed. I am on an antibiotic, valium, vicodin, and morphine lollipops. No shit, they have those. They LOADED me up on drugs before I left tonight, so I am waiting to take my nightly crap. Holy shit, what an experience. So, next Monday or Tuesday, they pull the leads for the spinal cord stimulator, so I can heal before getting the permanent one. I will get that at the beginning of Sept. I have to stay at LEAST one night in the hospital, and knowing me, he said I could stay two. For that surgery, they have to literally shave away bone in order to connect the stim, so he said I will be on morphine and valium and cursing his name for 3-4 days. The joy. Someone wanna come out here and hold me please?

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