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Oh good...

I am taking Actiq. It is for people with cancer. So basically it is SUPER DUPER pain med. It is the "morphine-like" med. I am soooo drugged. I need a vacation once I get my settlement. I may be calling one of you. :)

Oh, lexieloo's journal said something about a cruise that Michelle, Peter, and Gale are supposedly taking. (and Gale may propose? Ick... no women for him! *wink) I am going to call tomorrow from work, verify he is on the cruise, and send him a bottle of wine or something. What do you think I should send? I love working for a travel agency.

I am also taking NoDoz because I need extra caffeine for the headache control, and a laxative (sorry, TMI) just in case, because the meds in the surgery room can cause constipation, and if I "strain" I can pop the thing he put in today to stop the headaches. I wanted to DIE it was soooo bad.

The stimulator is weird. It is like a constant electrical current running down my leg.

Sorry, way TMI in this one. Heh. I love you all. Your concern really helped during these surgeries.

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