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Ok... so here's the saga:

Today I finally got my mom to take me to "The Snob Shop." It was pretty cool... I got a Gucci purse for like $35. Anyways, while I was there my phone buzzed to tell me that I have a phone call. It didn't ring, so I had to listen to the message. Anyways, it was a dectective from New York... he was calling to ask me about losing money to that guy I "bought" the iPOD from, and he had been scamming people all over the US. Great, no? So he asked my address and best phone number, and told me that the district attorney would be calling to get more information. He said that this guy and his two buddies were currently incarsarated, and that they would be pushing for that maximum punishmen He said he had been watching this guy for the last three weeks, and that before this he didn't know much about computers, but now he is beginning to. So, I asked what the chances were for getting my $384 back, and he said that they would be pushing for resttitution, so there is a chance. He also said there is a chance that the district attorney might fly me to NY to testify. I was like... ok... interesting. Anyways, so I hope this guy, who is 18 by the way, gets in a LOT of trouble. Fucking jackass.

On a happier note, I got my flask that looks like a cell phone today. Baaaaaad. ;)

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