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So... Super Bowl party! :) Fun!! We ate, drank, and had fun... all in all a good evening. Then we came home to screaming and yelling. My parents and my brother. My father is such an unreasonable asshole, and my brother is usually pretty friggin stubborn, so it does not make for a good match. Chris and I just turned up the television and closed the door. I can't wait to get out of this place.

Tomorrow I get to call back the ADA that called me regarding the iPOD investigation... should be interesting, I will post what I find out in case anyone cares :)

I also got a new humidifier today. This is the third one I have had to get. The first was WAY too loud, the second made the entire floor sopping wet, and this one is actually good so far. It has invisible mist, we'll see how wet it makes the floor, it has a "sleep" setting, so it is fairly quiet... I can actually tell the humidity in here changing, unlike the other models... so I may have gotten a winner :)
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