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It tis officially my birthday!

So yeah, the concert ROCKED. It was called the "next fest" which I had no clue what the hell that was. I just knew I was seeing The Killers.

A 6 freaking hour concert! 5 bands... lets see... this guy Richard Thompson (he is a street performer from Memphis... The Killers were walking around town, saw him, and invited him to tour with them), Mike Doughtey (all 40+ trying to be 20... I did NOT like them), The Fray (yay! hometown band. Damn good too), Spoon (not too bad), and THE KILLERS! So loved them. The Killers rock! I got a set list and a guitar pic. Woo!

Then, driving home, this car SPED past us into my neighborhood, followed by 4 cop cars. High speed chase! Apparently it was stolen car, and the guy abandoned it when he got into the neighborhood. So, when I got out of the car at the house, a cop drove by and asked if anyone had run by here. I said no, but that I had seen the car turn on that street. Freaky shit... dont want that guy in my neighborhood. Especially with my car out on the driveway. We put the club on it though. Hee.

Downside of the concert? MAJOR headache. Ah well, relax tomorrow and then we are going for fondue at the Melting Pot. Sunday or Monday Chris is taking me on a dinner train thingy. Fun :)

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