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I've been so... bored lately. I can't shake it. I've been in pain (my back, shoulder, head, and ankle), and SO tired, all I want to do is sleep all day. I can't motivate myself to get anything I need to get done, done. I need to go get meds from the pharmacy, but I just can't get out of bed long enough to do it. I just sleep. This isn't good. I don't know what the hell is wrong with me. Friday is going to suck, I have to drive an hour or so... which I hate, because I get SO tired driving. Fuck.

All this shit is straining my friendship with Chris... I never want to do ANYTHING. Like, don't even want to watch TV anymore type anything. I'm a night owl if anything at all. The only time I watch tv or anything is usually around 10 PM or whatever until 2 or 3 AM... I have almost always been like that.... I don't like the daytime for whatever reason. I'm fucked up, I know that. I'm attempting to do things when he wants to, but it's SO difficult when I just don't FEEL up to it... especially lately, when I fucked up my back somehow, and I barely could move. Chris had something to do with work friends, thank goodness, tonight, so I didn't have to do anything tonight... he came over to drop something off for about 20 minutes. I could handle that. Still didn't get to the damn store or the bank today. Suck. I need a chauffeur.

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