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Too fucking early... my parents had to go to my brother's school to meet with this terrible teacher and the principal. The teacher gave Eric a 0 on a worksheet that Eric has proof that he got a 20/22. When he took the teacher the paper, he accused Eric of filling it out, and forging the grade. Ass. Anyways, that one grade took Eric to a B for the final grade. That is a lot to a kid that is 23rd in his class and trying to get into Ivy league schools. So, they went to tell him that he had better change the grade. We'll see...

AND Chris has to take his car in to get fixed, so he is going to get dropped off here some time this morning. I just want to let him in, and go back to sleep. He can sit in the other room and watch tv or something.

Hopefully, I will hear from the ADA today or something... that way we can start the process of (hopefully) getting my money back.

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