Jean-Claude's White Rose (firefly319) wrote,
Jean-Claude's White Rose

Why the FUCK am I still awake?

Oh yeah... because I needed to get shit off my computer since I am selling both my iBOOK and Toshiba laptops this weekend. I wonder where the hell my old clamshell apple is... it is cute. I have that Panasonic DVD player, the portable one, remember? Anyone want it? I got it for work, and I don't need it anymore. I will sell it for $200... it is cute as hell... comes with a carrying case... I am gonna offer it around here too, so first come first serve. ;) Just need to sell shit, pay bills? Upgrade? Who the hell knows. I am going to bed. It is almost 7 AM and my eyes wont stay open on their own any longer... I also have my Olympia digital camera I want to sell. I think Chris may be interested, but if anyone here is looking for one, let me know, I will give a price... it is VERY new. less than a year and VERY well taken care of...

Now I really AM going to sleep.
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