Jean-Claude's White Rose (firefly319) wrote,
Jean-Claude's White Rose

OMP... (and other shit, I swear) (Oh, and Liz, a ?)

That means Oh My Pain.

I am sorry for the bitching. I am. I just had no idea back surgery sucked so badly... even though the doctor looked at me flat in the eye and told me so. Heh. I have one part of the muscle that is SO horrible feeling. Like, worse that the rest of it, that feels horrible. I see both doctors Tuesday, and should get the stitches out. Woo!

Alison should not be given new shiny credit cards with high limits, because then she buys a fuck load of DVDs. *sigh* Oh well, It's out of my system, I had to break it in, right? Plus I don't feel so bad, I sold my other two laptops for $$ so I am still way in the positive.

I really want to know how much my settlement is going to be. I know they go after injuries, and loss of wages, and mileage driven to dr appts, and the usual shit like that, but then they have to add in all the "we ran out of money, and we would have had her go to this doctor to fix this, but we couldn't so we need to add this amount (I think)" All I know is, my lawyer gets some ridiculous amount... like 44% (which is typical here). So, the way I see it, the more I get. the more THEY get. But if they think they are going to settle for some bullshit small amount, they are sorely mistaken. My lawyers are going to hate me at the end of of all this. Anything I don't agree with will be taken back to the negotiation room. I've seen too many of those tv commercials "I got in an accident an broke my leg, and xyz lawyer got me 1.2 million"... whatever, I have no expectations for this, I just know that I have been in the operating room 12 times, not to metion pain, suffering, and everything else that I have run out of money for that I can't get done/fixed.

I am dreading telling my boss about the "new" rule of my only being able to work 4 hours a day, and a max of 5 days a week. Technically, that has been the rule all along, but now that I have medicare and everything, I am taking no chances of violating any rules, so I am just going to say that I just got those limitations from the judge finally. She can read them if she wants. It's ligit. I also can't make more than $800/month BEFORE taxes, which sucks. I don't think I make enough to have taxes taken out at the end of the year anyways, so whatever... I am going to wait to tell her until I have applied at a couple if pharmacies, or I can return to work... whichever happens first. Right now I am not allowed to sit for periods of 2 hours or more at a time, so working is out, plus, there is NO way I could sit at a desk. My back would break.

Anyways, this is the longest post... ever, and I am so fucking tired. I just finished The Lunatic Cafe (Book... 4 I think). I am loving the Anita Blake series. I already ordered the Merry Gentry series too (hangs credit card head in shame). I just want the last 2 Anita Blake books to have release dates (I know Micah does, but the other doesn't)... I'll just pre-order them too I'm sure.

Liz, any luck with that HP book? No hurry, just curious... lemmie know if I owe you anything more.

Lastly, when my grandmother passed, she had almost 55,000 frequent flyer miles on USAirways... well, apparently, when you pass, they expire. You can't transfer them to family or anything (which I think is BULLSHIT). Well, I went online today to the site we had made a while ago to keep track of her miles, and they were still there. I had wanted to have my mom write a letter to try to donate them to the victims of Katrina or something, instead of them going to waste, because my grandmother would have liked that. Instead, there was a button that said: Donate Miles. You can pick a pre determined value, or put your own amount. I put every single mile, and this is what is says it goes to:

Dividend Miles members can donate miles to the US Airways Dividend Miles Charity Program. US Airways will donate your miles equally between its partners, Make-A-Wish Foundation® and Save the Children®, two highly respected children's organizations. Your Dividend Miles can make a difference in a child's life.

As of midnight tonight, it shows they transfered to the charity. So my mom is going to wait to pay off the visa (it was a USAirways Visa) for a week or so, so that this can completely clear and they can hopefully not revoke the donation. I think my grandmother would have been proud to have had her miles (which she ALWAYS wanted to work towards getting) go towards a good cause, rather than just disposed of. :)

Now, it is after 4 in the morning, and I am beginning to drool on myself. Off to bed I go....

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