Jean-Claude's White Rose (firefly319) wrote,
Jean-Claude's White Rose

Today's update...

So, I got my stitches out. Actually, this ones by my hip were removable, the others were internal. *shrug* Feels nice to have them out. The pain is still there *shocker* but I am supposed to keep him posted and if the pain is still as bad next week, I am supposed to call. According to all the poking and prodding of the wounds and the muscles, things are healing correctly, so that is good. He said to expect about 4 more weeks of pain... so that means 4 more weeks of pretty much bed rest. Fun fun. My mom is going to get me info from some lady that is a mom of a kid she taught last year... she works for a job that you do from your home and you make your own hours. I'm in. She says it's legit, so I will at least read about it.

Off to watch a little tv and goto bed... even though the next Anita Blake book is calling my name...
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