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Chris is beginning to piss me off. Last night he called at 8 and said he was almost done at his brother's and that we would go to a movie around 9:30. I didn't hear from him again until he was on his way over at 10. Whatever, I need to get used to it I suppose. Then we had a little tiff because, yet again, we had to redefine our friendship. Him with that whole "we are just friends" crap. No shit dumbass.

Then today Chris was going to go drop his car off in the AM to get fixed, have them drop him off here, and we were going to goto his house, he was going to make crepes, and hang out. Instead he called this morning to say that he didn't feel like dealing with the car today, so he was going to fix the door (he had to get the nail gun back to his father), and then come over... he said he would be done around 9:15 this morning. It is now 11:38, he is not over, he said that he had to finish the door, take the nail gun back to his dad's (45 minutes round trip not to mention hanging out there), and then he would come get me. That is, if he has enough time before he has to get home for the repair guy from 1-3. I haven't eaten because he is still promising food. I am so irritated. I hate being on the back burner with him... sometimes it feels like if he cared about me, then he would actually treat me better and not do all this. Whatever... I just needed to bitch.

I did start doing 75 stomach crunches everyday. Started Sunday, have to figure out which days to have as my off days. It seems that crunches are the only thing I can do since I have one bum ankle, and one bum wrist. Also, Thursday I (hopefully) get to change depression meds and that way I can stop gaining weight, and hopefully start losing.

I am going to go lie down... wait for dumbass to call... grrr.

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