Jean-Claude's White Rose (firefly319) wrote,
Jean-Claude's White Rose


Alright... music requests :)

Anyone want to give me any suggestions? :)

I'm back in the mood to get more stuff on Spencer. :D

I am thinking about being a Medical Transcriptioner, but that means ANOTHER year of training. I am going to go apply at Target, and hopefully they have a job open up soon. The MT manual I am reading said something about the lower end MTs making $20,000 a year. I am allowed to make $9600. So, needless to say I wouldn't be able to work the full "amount" even though I would make my own hours. The training is expensive, as always, but working from home would be NICE. I want to do please. Actually, I want a FUCKING HUGE settlement. Put it into an ING account that right now is making 3.4%, let it accrue interest, and then buy a house and make investments, and somehow live off investments and interest. I live in my own happy world. I just need life to be easy now. The last few years have sucked.
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