Jean-Claude's White Rose (firefly319) wrote,
Jean-Claude's White Rose


So, about an hour ago, my grandmother's sister died of pancreatic cancer. She lasted 18 months when everyone told her she would last 4... but she died almost a month after my grandmother. Their only surviving sibling (their brother) is a mess. Their oldest sister passed away a few years ago, and then all of a sudden, two sisters within a month? He is losing it. My mom has to go back out there, but we don't know when the funeral is. Never a dull moment...

I am charging my spinal stimulator for the first time. VERY weird. The belt thing they gave me I couldn't get to work, so I used the sticky things they gave me. The damn thing is radiating SO much heat.

I applied at Target today, so that if a pharmacy position opens up, I can get it. I have an interview Thursday. I am wearing my nursing scrubs because real clothes hurt.
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