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BITE... and Laurell K Hamilton stuff

It was cute. It was like 32 pages. Pretty much a story about her and Jean-Claude... with, of course, police stuff too... Now, I am about to read Obsidian Butterfly. No spoilers from those who have read it please, but it looks like a straight out Edward story. Is Jean-Claude in it at all? (Obsessed? Me? Naw.)

I looked (accidently) at a paragraph about 100 pages into Incubus Dreams, and saw something there. *sigh*

and on her site... she has the first three chapters of Danse Macabre up, and I clicked it, and saw something there. I have to stop clicking things. I don't want to know spoilers damn it.

She updated her blog! It worked! It showed up on my LJ friends page. Looks like Danse Macabre will be almost 1000 pages. :)

Also, I was reading, and she said that the Merry Gentry series will be 6-8 books. She knows exactly what will happen, how, etc.

As for Anita and the boys... she said she will write them as long as fans want to read them. She said she would love to put out one a year if she could. Go her. I would love her to. She said she would keep writing until she could write no more. *sigh* Have I mentioned my love for Jean-Claude?

On a non book note. I think I am getting sick. The weather changed so rapidly here to cold, that my body, getting over a major surgery, said "What the fuck?" and now I feel MORE like shit. My throat is starting to hurt and stuff. Good thing this happened AFTER seeing the newborn. So now I get to isolate myself and have soup. I just need to hurry up, learn medical transcription, and then I can work from home and life will be better. I think.

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