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This is me... bitching. *sigh*

So, ever since I got hurt, Chris and I's friendship has been pulling away. We talk multiple times everyday still, but we don't hang out as much, because usually I just don't feel up to doing anything. He acts like it is my fault I don't feel well. Whatever. So anyways, tonight he said he was going to hang out with people from work, and he would call me later. I called him later in the night, to see how his night was going, and he said he was at this bar/restaurant with a girl, Stacy, from work. I asked what happened to all the others, and he said she was the only one who showed up. I called him at like 1:30 when I hadn't heard from him, and the phone hung up on me... so I started to get pissed. Then he called back, and said he was dropping her off, and they were "chatting" and he would call me later. I said "have fun on your little fucking date" and hung up on him. Number one, if he was just going to hang out with her, he didn't need to lie to me, and if the others really didn't show up. Fine. Yeah, I am jealous. Jealous that he is drifting away from me... jealous because we have spent the last 4 years joined at the hip, and jealous... because I don't know. He's an ass. Whatever. I doubt he will call me after that little comment, but I was upset that he hung up on me (which he claims was an accident), and I was upset because she shouldn't get to spend the nights that I used to be able to spend, with him. Fuck him. I don't need this.

ETA: So we ended up talking for an hour... I feel better. He said he didn't mean to hang up on me... we went through things that he does that I think are rude, and he said he would try to stop (i.e. answering WHAT every time I call. I'm like shit, if you don't want to talk, tell me, but stop answering WHAT like it is a burden that I am calling). Then we talked about how he is nice to everyone else, and ends up mean to me. I told him he needs to stop that shit, or we can't have a friendship. It was nice to talk things out. Apparently this chick (who he insisted is JUST a friend) has 3 kids and just got divorced. I told him he better just be friends, or he's gonna be daddy. Ahem. LOL. Then I assured him that I didn't want anything more from our friendship (which, I DO NOT), and that I wasn't being mean earlier because I was upset he was going out with a friend, I was upset because I thought he was hanging up on me. I swear, I have to reassure him every 6 months that I don't want him. I told him trust me, he just isn't that cute. ;) Anyhow... just thought I would post the rest of my thoughts. Oh, and I told him we need to go somewhere for a week next year. (We have a time share together... long story). He said Vancouver, I said Hawaii or Alaska. We'll see, but we decided to go in May (I think... he works at a stock place, and Jan - April are hell because of tax season). So I am going to make sure he gets off a week in May for that. Enough babbling (oh, and he just called me back because he was cold and couldn't sleep... weird boy). I asked him if he wanted to go out to see RENT tomorrow night, and he said maybe, he might be hanging out with that chick again, or his cousin. I'm like fuck that. We've been friends for 4 years, I am more important than that chick. *wink* 4 AM... ugh. G'night.

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