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Another exhilerating day at my house. I got up, checked email, went to sleep, got up, checked email, and as soon as the meds I just took kick in, I will most likely go back to sleep. The only positive is that tonight I am getting out of here, and going to a basketball game. Never been to an NBA game, so why not. Plus, its guy's night (whatever the hell that means), I am going with Chris, his uncle, and his three cousins. Although, there will be a lot to look at in the stadium, so no complaints here. :)

I have 2 dr appts this week. Bully. *insert rolling eyes smiley here* The one on Thursday is the psychologist, and I HATE going downtown. I think this will be our last "scheduled appt" so I shouldn't have to go down there unless I want to. I wont though, I am going to tell the dr that if I feel like going to another psych, it needs to be somewhere close near here.

I am cursed... apparently lawyers and people having to do with the law just wont call me back. I called the lawyer (the one who will hopefully help me with the settlement/possible malpractice) and the ADA (the one working on the case against the fraudulant iPOD guy) twice last week, and neither of them called me back. Bastards. ;)

Back to sleep....

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