Jean-Claude's White Rose (firefly319) wrote,
Jean-Claude's White Rose

etoile_du_soir was talking about her dream...

and it made me think of one I had yesterday.

So, I have been reading the Merry Gentry series, and I think it warped my dream a bit.

I know that a bunch of us (Seelie or Unseelie, who knows) were in this 50 story building, and then we were at war with the other. We had angered them, and they were coming after us. I know that they were going to fill the building with water, and try to kill us all. So a bunch of us had REALLY little guns, that looked like lighters, and decided to hide all over the building for when they came. I thought I would go up high, because there was no way they could fill the building with that much water. I was wrong. I tried the stairs, but people were moving furniture down them, and blocking them. I tried the elevator, and missed the floor I was going to. I ended up on the 48th floor, and by then the water was there. They ended up filling the building up to the 50th floor, and then start shooting at people. My gun was water logged, and wouldn't work, so I took the ammo out, hid it, and when they saw it, I said it was a lighter, and didn't work. So, seeing that they were killing people, and somehow some of them were immortal because when they were shot, they kept going, I decided I would try to get on their good side. I started rounding up the kids that were all over, thinking that they wouldn't hurt me because I was getting the kids to safety. I started working with a guy with silver hair (thank you Frost) and he helped me with the kids. We started heading downstairs, since the building was draining. We kept gaining more and more kids, because the parents thought that the kids would be safe. When we got to the 60th floor, we had to wait, because the only way across to the stairs was by boat, and it only held a certain amount of people at a time. So we gave the kids yogurt and fruit.

Then I woke up. I have serious issues. Sadly, that is not the most bizarre dream from this week, but I am tired, and the other dream is so long. Maybe some other time if anyone wants to read it. LOL

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