Jean-Claude's White Rose (firefly319) wrote,
Jean-Claude's White Rose

Sickness update.

So, I slept... pretty much all day. I just need to beat whatever the hell this is. I ended up getting up at 8:30 PM and Lysoling the ENTIRE basement. We just have the air down here, I can't open any windows because then the bugs crawl in. Not a pretty sight. So I used Lysol so I could hopefully kill germs and stuff down here. I had to go upstairs after that (I get sick with too much air freshener or Lysol). When I came down, there was still a hint of the spray, but nothing I couldn't live with, so I went back to sleep. I woke up at midnight, and while I am still not feeling great, I can tell the air is better down here. I took a shower a bit ago, feel more like a human, and am going to read until I fall asleep, or at least until Chris gets home from whatever bar he is at tonight. His family is having their Christmas party tomorrow (which I think I mentioned), and I desperately want to go... but there is a newborn, so I will see how I feel tomorrow. No need risking her getting sick if I don't have to (if I am even contagious). What a time to get sick. My boss is in Shanghai tomorrow and then goes to Beijing on Wednesday. Even though I can only work 4 hrs a day, I am breaking the rule and working 9-5 Mon, Wed, & Thurs because her son, who works with us, is on his Honeymoon cruise, so there is no one who can cover. I told her this is the LAST time I can do this, and the only reason I am doing it, is because my mommy is off for the rest of the year, and she is coming with me. That way if I am feeling shitty or whatever, she can easily answer the phone and take a message. Plus, a little extra money can't hurt... right? ;)

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