Jean-Claude's White Rose (firefly319) wrote,
Jean-Claude's White Rose

Still sick. And inane babble.

This is getting old. Thankfully it is down to just some stuffiness in my nose, and an occasional cough... but I get nauseous from the post-nasal drip (TMI... hehe). I just want to sleep 24/7, but I get restless because I don't feel great, so I don't sleep. I have played many video games. I am the new American Idol! (PS2 game) Actually it was this hot guy I created, but still... that game is funny. If you don't push things in rhythm, and the buttons they tell you, he starts to sing off pitch and off tempo. I almost cried during one song it sounded so bad. Then I figured out these combo things, and I won. I am special. Actually, I am too into Kingdom Hearts. I don't think anyone plays these, so I'll explain if you care. ;) Basically you are this Anime guy, and you are in these worlds where you have to fight the bad guys from Disney movies. Like I am just completing "Wonderland" where I had to get evidence so that the Queen wouldn't chop off her head. The graphics are freaking unreal. That is what I did last night when I couldn't sleep. Hee. I am done with the Merry Gentry books. :( I want another one. I want another Anita Blake book. Damn. I read too quickly. *counts the days until Micah and DANSE MACABRE* I am babbling. Chris wants to come over, since I wont see him this weekend that much. If I don't let him, he will go to Stacy's. I despise her for so many reasons. I don't feel great, but I do want to see him before the holidays. Even though I only have one freaking gift this year so far because he is being difficult. Liz, will I owe you anything for you mailing the Harry Potter book to me? Let me know! Also, any word from the post office?

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