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I am so irritated right now.

So, Chris and I exchanged gifts last night, because he told me he was going to Stacy's to help her make this dinner she had tried at work that we had made, then he was going to his friend's house (who lives in L.A. but is in town for the holidays), and then was going to church with his family tonight. I just called him. Still at Stacy's. Supposedly his buddy was busy until 5:30, so he was staying over there. SO, instead of coming here at all, he spent 7 hours at her house. What a fucking selfish asshole. I am tired of him and his bullshit. For Christmas, Santa should giving him a heart... or a brain. (Or both) I was like, thanks for being inconsiderate and not even thinking of coming here... he was like, don't start this... I'll see you tomorrow probably. I told him not to do me any favors. He makes me so mad that I want to tell him to fuck off and not deal with him anymore. Her ENTIRE family is over there for Christmas eve dinner. Is it really necessary for him to be there too?

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