Jean-Claude's White Rose (firefly319) wrote,
Jean-Claude's White Rose

Christmas haul ;)

So, I bought a pair of BOSE headphones a month ago (the ones that are noise canceling), and my parents paid me back for them. I thought that would be all I would get, since they are SO expensive... but they surprised me anyhow.

- BOSE headphones
- A big stuffed animal Rottweiler (that I named Darkness)
- 4 new shirts
- six pairs of POOH socks!
- 2 new foot socks (the kind with slip things on the bottom... I wear them around the house)
- A set of Star Wars pez dispensers (I am SO not opening that!)
- A talking Yoda doll
- A moose (Murray X. Moose according to his name thing) from iPod with little fake headphones and a stuffed iPod hanging from him.
- A snowman that when you turn it on, changes (in order) the colors of the rainbow
- A fountain (which changes the water with lights to red, green, and blue)
- A Sunflower perfume set
- A travel squishy pillow (with a carrying case thing)
- Money! Yay!
- and my brother and his girlfriend got me a Victoria's Secret Robe and matching slippers

Shit. That looks like a lot. I hope I didn't forget anything. : / I got myself a PS2 (so bad of me.) and games. I need to STOP spending money. Bad credit card.

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