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Ok, so yay! Last night my brother and I ambushed my dad about changing the people we get our digital cable from... we had Qwest and we got him to switch *back* to Comcast. I hate Qwest, you have to leave the television on to tape anything, which is ridiculous, I keep losing the internet, etc. So, he is getting Comcast tomorrow... damn, we are good. Not only will I not have to worry about my television being on, but I am going to go tomorrow night and buy a Tivo! They have this incredible deal at Best Buy where, with my brother's discount, I can get a Tivo for $336, and that includes 80 hours of recording time, a progressive scan DVD player, and lifetime subscription (well, $5 a month for the premium package which I can handle). Hell yeah! I have wanted Tivo for a long while now... but it is not compatible with Qwest. Well, that is why we talked to my father, because we wanted Tivo. (Also the aforementioned complaints) Anyways, so my father called this morning and asked what package I thought we should get... he ended up getting the premium package for the first month, but then will most likely drop some of the movie channels the second. Honestly, with OZ being over, Showtime is the only channel that I REALLY want, which he said that if he went to one movie channel, it would be Showtime, so whatever. Sorry for the babble... I am excited!

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