Jean-Claude's White Rose (firefly319) wrote,
Jean-Claude's White Rose

This is me... bitching. :)

So, I still haven't slept. I stayed up and read Bloody Bones until about 3 this morning (finished it... at this rate, I'll be out of LKH books to read again). Then I tossed and turned until my mom came down at 6:30 this morning to eat breakfast with me (our little morning ritual) and here I am. I am going to try to sleep... if I try to make it until tonight to sleep, I am gonna be one miserable person.

So, I decided that my boss treats me like shit (she does) and I am tired of going there. I always look for excuses not to go in. Lately, I've been sick, which is legit, but her son (who works there) has tried to call me in 3 times KNOWING that I am sick. I told him no. Heh. She comes back from vacation today (I think) and I am not going in if she calls me. I don't know how I will tell her I'm done... maybe I will tell her to keep me as an on call person or something... I am just tired of the bullshit. I wanted to take my mom on a cruise in Dec, and she said no. Then SHE went on one. Fuck that. She also said I don't work enough to qualify for full travel agent rates, but neither does her son, and she sent HIM on a cruise a month ago. I've been asking for a year and a half, and all I get is NO. Whatever... I am just tired of the bullshit... I've been a good employee (when I am there and not being operated on, or just plain sick) but I get nothing but grief in return. When I switch to the admin side of things, I was told I would be in charge of paperwork, files, etc. Obviously, when no one else is there (which, theoretically, should NEVER happen) I will answer the phone and try to help the person out. Apparently, this guy called up and asked for my boss, I told him she wasn't in and asked to take a message. I gave it to her, and she booked him. Now, he ASKED for her, and 99% of the people who ask for her, only want her to help, and no one else. So, she left me a note about how she wanted me to try to book people if I get stuck there by myself, and how she could just hire a teenager at minimum wage if she just wanted someone to answer the phone. Bitch. I do what I am told, and if a customer DOESN'T WANT TO FUCKING TALK TO ME, what am I supposed to do? Force them? I'm sending out resumes today. Someone has to want someone to work a measly 4 hours a day, right?

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