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So, last night I went over to my friend's house (the one I went to Europe with) and we watched 4 movies last night, and 1 today. Yeesh. So yesterday we watched: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Underworld, Hitch, and Chasing Liberty. Today, we went to the theater and watched Underworld: Evolution. Those are freaking wicked movies! I liked the first Underworld (guh, Scott was so hot, and Kate was purdy for a vamp!). Vamps and Lycanthropes... sure! Although the story is, obviously, totally different that the ABVH books, I am still too into vamps and stuff, so it worked. So gory! The sequel was actually pretty good. Lots of action, story line, etc. We decided to have beer last night (I haven't seen her in 3 months or something) so we partied. I had 6 beers before I went to bed. No buzz... nothing. Ah well. I slept (painfully) on her couch, and had to listen to people at 6:30 this morning cleaning the ice/snow off their cars, and squealing out of her apartment's parking lot (there is a huge dip that the cars ALWAYS get stuck in when it snows)... I slept off and on all morning, but the cat decided I needed to play with him during the night too. So tired. Chris came over, and we went to buy Broncos jerseys and eat dinner, and then I kicked him out. I felt bad, I did, but I told him he could watch tv with my father, or take a nap with me. He decided to leave. Punk. ;)

Off to nap.

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