Jean-Claude's White Rose (firefly319) wrote,
Jean-Claude's White Rose

I finally did it...

I wrote my boss, who read it and didn't write me back, and told her that I understood if she needed to replace me. That was my nice way of saying there is no way in hell I am coming back there to work. Hehe. I do think the purple hair might just piss her off too. *wink*

I want my damn tax shit from her already. I have everything else I need, I want to know how much money I am getting back.

So, no one wants to shack up with me? How sad.

I had blood taken yesterday to run all my levels of... something or another. BIG bruise.

Oh, crossbow1, thanks for the anti-depression info... I saw the doc yesterday, and she is sending me to the psych so he can I can figure out what I should change to. I saw him in May of '04 last... it's free though, so I said yes.

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