Jean-Claude's White Rose (firefly319) wrote,
Jean-Claude's White Rose

I'm a bitch... oh well.

So, I have been lonely and bored, so I have been playing on dating sites, seeing if there is anyone good out there to talk to. (My uncle met my aunt through an ad, so why not?) I swear, I get the ugliest humans ever. Sorry, I'm bitchy, whatever. I just have to at least have an okay face to... you know look at. One guy, is a model, and I want to lick him. Him, I want. I should post pics.

I dropped off my application at Hot Topic today, but they aren't hiring for anything other than management. Unfortunately, I can only work 20 hrs a week, not the 32 they want due to social security. If I don't have SSDI, then I am screwed, because then I wont have medical coverage. (I love having prior injuries, really) I mentioned to the cute manager goth boy that I have always done management, but I needed part time. He said he would keep the application on file.

Never heard from Walgreens... not sure what is up with that. If I didn't get the $7.25 an hour job, I won't cry. Maybe the don't like the purple hair and tongue ring. Fuck em. I figure, if a job REALLY believes that a tongue ring will effect my performance, I am soooo not working there. Lord, corporate life is so not for me.

I have been catching up on One Tree Hill tonight. Does anyone watch that? I know Tiff did (oh, Tiff... where are you?) Anyways, last week's episode with the thunderstorm. I FREAKING BAWLED like a baby. So good... I am so behind on shows... Lost, The O.C., etc. Oh well.

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