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Well, my last few posts have been less than meaningful so I thought I would say hi. Damn, it is late. I have been reading like a maniac though... I read 3 books in 3 days. They weren't small books either. I am way too ready for Micah to come out next week. Too damn bad DANSE MACABRE isn't for so long. *pouts* I am finished re-reading the 12 ABVH books, so I am going to restart Merry AFTER I read Micah.

Chris and I have been fighting non-stop. He basically cast me aside when his new little friend came along claiming "she is a new friend, and I want to get to know her." Now that they barely hang out? He is calling me and wanting to hang out again. I simply told him tonight that it hurt to be dropped like a rock... I understand getting to know someone new, but you don't just drop your old friends like it doesn't matter. So, I told him he can not expect me to JUMP at the chance to hang out with him again. I've turned him down twice in the last 2 days to do something. I am bitter... sue me.

I don't know what the hell is wrong with me. The new depression medication is definitely making a difference, but I still want to sleep all the time. I mean, I just feel... blah. Who knows. I think my body hates me after what it has gone through in the last 3 years. I don't blame it.

I miss you guys... I mean, I have been around, and have been commenting... even talking on YM, but still... I just miss you guys. I wish we all lived closer damn it. I am lonely here.

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