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So... today I am going to meet with my friend, the one who I babysat/housesat for in November, because I am babysitting/housesitting again starting Sunday night. Not too bad though, I had fun (with the exception of the days where the kid was driving me MAD... hehe), and I like their house/dog. I'll miss my kitties, but this time I will have my car, so I will come visit them and check the mail during the day. Plus, I don't mind going because my mother is going to be out of town while I am gone, and I don't want to be here with just my father and brother, so yay! only two days with them before I get to leave! One downside though, she is having work done on her house while I am there, which means loud noises and me hiding with the dog.

Ummm... not much else to say really... life really isn't all that exciting right now. Ooh! I know. I get to stop two of my meds as of tomorrow morning's final dose. Yay! One of them is the horrible med that is making me gain weight. I hope that when I get off it, and it finally gets out of my system, I'll be able to lose the weight again. Ever since I started my new depression med, the weight has maintained, which is obviously better than gaining, but I want to lose damn it!

Did write about the ridiculous sale at WalMart? They have sweaters and shirts for $1-$5. I got 9 shirts the other day for $9! Very nice. :)

Off to go back to sleep for a while...

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